Reviving Your Red
Do you have red hair that's, uh, well...NOT your natural color?? Does is FADE out within a few weeks leaving you RED IN THE FACE???

Tip #1: Wash your hair less often. Hair can go 2-3 days without being washed, especially if it isn't overloaded with product.
Dry shampoo can be your best friend and Rebel'tude swears by the Moroccan Oil dry shampoo!!!

Tip #2: Wash your hair in cooler water. I know, I know... COLD is no fun - but the cooler the water the less chance of your red escaping.
You'll notice when we do your RED color here in the Salon we will give you what seems like an ice bath at the shampoo bowl!
The red hair color molecules are the smallest and "fall out" of the hair faster than just about any other color, so keeping the cuticle closed helps hold the color longer. Hot water will open the cuticle and cause the color to fade quicker!

Tip #3: Use a color depositing shampoo or conditioning treatment!
We have a few to choose from at Rebel'tude.
The Pravana Nevo Color Enhancers are an after shampoo color depositing conditioner that deposits color back into the hair.
We also have the Celeb Luxury Viral ColorWash Shampoos. These shampoos not only cleanse, but they deposit color back into the hair at the same time.

Click Here for more info on the Nevo RED Color Enhancer - it will keep your FASHION REDS bright and fabulous for weeks and weeks!!

Click here for more info on the Celeb Luxury Color Wash Shampoos that keep your color lasting between appointments!

Pravana and Celeb Luxury also offers the color enhancers and shampoos in other popular fashion colors, which has really been a game changer for our Color Rebels!

Until next time.. ROCK THAT COLOR!

Mickey's tips