The Consultation ..... Please be honest!

Let’s be honest….
When you sit in your stylists chair, be prepared to answer a few questions.
The questions are designed to help the stylist help you reach your hair goals doing as much as possible to protect your hair from damage.
One of the questions you will get is:
“Have you ever colored your hair?”

This question, although vague, is VERY IMPORTANT. Coloring your hair means ANYTHING you have done to add color or tone or dimension to your hair, including ALL NATURAL products. Don’t believe for a second that if it was a “Temporary” hair color or an “All Natural” hair color that it hasn’t changed the structure of your hair, or won’t react to the chemicals or color your stylist may use.

Henna for instance… All natural, right??? (NOT ALWAYS)
If hair has had Henna on it (even all natural henna), and then you put that hair in foils with lightener, it will heat up, smoke and basically melt off within minutes!!!

Some products, even if they are temporary or all natural can contain metals or minerals that will react very badly to salon products, colors and chemicals.
NOTHING you put on your hair (short of shampoo & most styling products) ever really goes away. It has changed your hair forever.

Hair grows roughly about ½” per month. That means if you have long hair, and you colored your hair over a year ago, only the first 6” from the scalp is not currently altered by the color you did WAY BACK THEN.

On another note… medications can also affect your hair and how it reacts to salon treatments. If you are taking something (especially hormone based medications or chemo type drugs) please let your stylist know! Your hair, nails and skin are a direct indicator of what is going on INSIDE your body – so they are affected.

So please, always be brutally honest with your stylist so that they can do what’s best for your hair and avoid horrific situations.

Stay beautiful, my lovelies!

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