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When does a color service become a color correction?

At Rebel’tude we have street cred for being the “go to” salon for edgy, fun and fabulous cuts and color! But what we really pride ourselves in is the way we put the integrity of our client’s hair FIRST.

With all the great healthy hair products available to us, it’s rare that we would turn down giving you the hair you are dreaming of, but, if we do, it’s because we are only protecting you and your hair from certain heart break. We only want tears of JOY in our chairs!

In this “want it now” world we live in, many of our guests like to change things up with their hair often. Depending on the types of changes you like to do, it may or may not be possible with still leaving you with healthy, happy hair.
If you get nothing else from this article, get this:
Going darker is usually not a problem. (emphasis on “usually”)
Going Lighter is usually a problem. (again, emphasis on “usually”)

We don’t expect our clients to know all the science that goes into fabulous color, but we’ll be happy to explain it to you in terms you can understand.

If you have “natural virgin” hair – Hair that has NEVER been colored, permed or lightened – you’re the perfect candidate for just about anything under the sun!! Many guests assume they have natural virgin hair because they have not colored, permed or lightened their hair in a year. Unless your hair is less than 6” long all over, this is not true.

Hair grows approximately ½” per month – so you will get 6” of natural virgin hair from the scalp down after about a year. (a year of having NO color or chemical services done) The rest of the hair will still have remaining chemically altered issues. These issues need to be taken into consideration when performing the next color or chemical service on your hair.

When we say “Issues” – we don’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing, but still need to take it all into consideration when talking about making a change.
The other thing that most guests don’t know is that you cannot lighten artificial hair color with artificial hair color. What this means is that if you have brown artificial hair color on your hair, you cannot get it lighter by putting a lighter shade of artificial hair color on it and get a predictable result. If you want to go lighter there may be several steps involved depending on how many layers of hair color you have on your hair, how dark it is and how light you hope to go.
Going from black artificial hair color to blonde in a day just doesn’t happen in the real, predictable hair world.

Hair color can be removed with chemical hair removers, which tend to be a bit gentler than bleach, but may take several applications. Or the color can be removed by bleaching it out, which may also take several applications.
At Rebel’tude we always take the safest path to the desired result, which means whether we use color remover, bleach or a combination of the two, we will also be applying hair strengthening and repairing treatments along the way to protect your hair during the process.

As I’m sure you’re starting to see already, it can become a lengthy process.
The other issue with over processing or going dark to light to dark to light over and over again is eventually the hair loses integrity and can no longer hold onto color. I guess the easiest way to explain it is to think of a drinking straw and that it is hollow inside. – Your hair can become like this and the color just washes down the drain.

While going from dark brown to blonde in a day CAN HAPPEN, it may not be what is best for your hair in the long term. Rebel’tude stylists can determine how far the hair can go and how long it will take.

When I talk about removing artificial hair color, I’m referring to oxidized hair color. Oxidized hair color is any hair color that has a developer added to it to make the color work.

Where big problems come in is when the hair color we are trying to remove is a direct dye type of color. The vivid reds, purples, greens, blues… etc. These colors stain the hair and cannot easily be lifted off. Many times bleaching these colors can just drive the color further into the hair making it even more difficult to get out. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that can removed these colors, but not every trick works every time, so it’s difficult to make promises.
The other side of the fashion color story is that these colors fade quickly. So basically, they don’t last – but they don’t really go away either. It’s important that our guests are aware of this before proceeding with fashion color looks!

We have instances many times where new clients will book online for an “all over color” thinking they will be in and out in a couple hours, but then are disappointed to find out their desired result will require more than just putting a new color over what is already on their hair.

Rebel’tude offers FREE consultations for all of our clients. This allows you, as the guest, to come in and meet with your stylist and discuss your goals, find out if it’s possible and what the time and estimated cost will be to achieve them.
Many of our color correction clients are able to achieve the results they desire AND leave with hair in better condition than when they started because Rebel’tude Stylists know their craft and put the integrity of the client’s hair FIRST.

There have been a few instances where we have turned away a client that wanted a service that would not be a good choice for their hair at that time. If a client is unwilling to invest the time and cost into doing a service correctly, rebuilding the integrity of their hair before proceeding with a service, or exploring other options to achieve a long term goal, there is nothing that the stylists at Rebel’tude may be able to do for that client.